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Note on the french->english translation :
This site use the BABELFISH program provided by AltaVista. Don't be too surprised if some traductions are really silly, but i'm too lazy to translate all my pages. To use the automatic translation click on the "TRANSLATE" button when you are on the BabelFish front page.
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Travel Tales  
Adventures in French Guyana I've been for 16 months in French Guyana and i bring back photos and little story on the rain forest.
Holydays in Venezuela A 15 days trip in a beautiful land.
Corsica cruise (version alpha 0.001) 15 days of sailing boat beetween the adraites desert and the continent, "Love Boat" or "White Calm" scenario ?

Shadock Encyclopedia All that a shadock has to know is here.
Tie Knots How to do dandy tie knots to shine in a party!
JavaScript menu & Frames example It's my old "interactive" menu :-) and what not to do with frames

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